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Girafe post-nucléaire by Véronique Durruty

Girafe post-nucléaire by Véronique Durruty

Size: 21 x 30cm

Medium: Ink and watercolour on paper


  • Artwork Description

    Véronique Durruty creates an imaginary bestiary of a future world. A post-nuclear world in which animals have mutated in a combination of animal and flora, re-inventing a postive new world in which the species can live in autarky and harmony.


    The colors are soft and the UFO appearance of these creatures does not create anxiety, but rather a familiarity - sort of new pets.


    The “girafe post nucléaire” (post- nuclear giraffe) has forgotten its neck, three eyes, five feet and the teeth of a carnivore.


950,00 €Price
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