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Dos à la mer by Véronique Durruty

Dos à la mer by Véronique Durruty

  • Medium: Analog photography, Fine Art print on Canson paper made of pure cotton with white edge
  • Signed and numbered



Size of the paper  // size of the image in the paper

30 x 40 cm  // 20 x 30cm, n°2/5

60 x 90 cm  // 52 x 80cm, n°1/3

80 x 120 cm // 80 x 120cm (no white edge), n°2/3


  • Artwork Description

    Pictured in Saint-Louis du Sénégal, 2009. This photograph is part of the series “L’heure des loups” (“Time of wolves “) where Véronique Durruty photographed in various places around the world, capturing the twilight transcending into dusk and allowing the photograph to guide you towards your dreams.

450,00 €Price
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