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Get to know our artists and gain a deeper understanding of their work and their artistic journey.


Véronique Durruty is a talented French artist, photographer and plastician, whose work explores senses and sensations, and the notions of beauty and reality.

Her work is the subject of more than 30 books and has been exhibited around the world - her latest book is called Paris en Liberté 2020, Editions La Lucarne des Écrivains. In homeland France, her artwork has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums across the country such as the MuCEM in Marseille, the Grilles du Luxembourg in Paris or Les Rencontres d’Arles.

1. Where did your journey with photography all begin and what was it about photography that drew you in?

My interest in photography began quite early when I was a teenager. When I was about 13 years old there was a photo club in my school. I began to shoot with black and white films, learnt how to develop my negatives and how to print them.

The birth of the image in the black room was such an exciting moment! At that time, I preferred the printing rather than the shooting. Now I like to work with printers, who are magicians who emphasize the strength of my photographs...

2. Your drawings of post-nuclear animals are so unique and specific. What inspired you to draw them?

I don’t know exactly – I have “flashes” of my new creations, mainly at night. But I know that these flashes are the result of a maturation process.

These animals probably wouldn’t exist without the pandemic. I have projected myself in a future world, where the form of lives itself would have been disrupted. But finally, this disruption turns out to be positive. Animal integrate a form of autarkic life (they have inside themselves elements of flora, elements of defense such as sharp teeth, spins…), and at the same time, they seem kind and gentle. It is a hopeful vision of the future.

3. You talk a lot about dreams in your artwork descriptions. Is there anything special or significant that drew you to this subject?

Yes. I am convinced that looking at reality as if it were a dream – and considering that dreams are in fact, reality – can help transform reality in a good way. And I hope that my work can help some people to do this internal journey...

4. Where have you most enjoyed travelling in Asia?

A difficult question as well! But I would say in India. It is probably the country where I have been the most – I went there more than 20 times, and stayed there one year for a longer trip. Nonetheless, it is still a place where, when I think I have understood something, I quickly realize that it is not the case. And I like this magic! I like the aesthetics of this country, where extreme sophistication is next to kitsch, and exquisite beauty right next to ugliness. I am in love as well with the colors, perfumes and incredible diversity of this country.

5. Do you have anything exciting you are working on right now?

Of course! But schhhhhh… I need to be 100% happy with what I am doing before sharing it!

6. What advice would you give to an artist who is just starting out?

Listen to your gut.

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